For those customers who have surplus or underutilized equipment; or several products of modest volume that cannot justify a machine for each; 
EOE Inc. has a solution. 
We are specialists at retooling either  your present Conversion system, or rebuilding surplus machines to produce a new product.    
This often involves changing to a new more metal efficient Tab. The new Tab quite often produces a substantial return on investment that justifies the project by itself.  
Changing from one these tabs for  example to a new design lighter gauge tab, could reduce your Tab Material consumption by as much as 35%.

This dual lane system was recently supplied to a European customer producing 99mm Aluminum ends at a rate of 600 EPM.  

The system is built on a Specially Designed Minster P2-100 press. The press was designed by Minster in cooperation with EOE Inc. to provide a stable platform for the system at an affordable investment cost.  

The machine features a P.C. based control system to control the press and monitor all critical tooling and transfer system functions.

The product is of EOE Inc. design for the demands of the customer’s marketplace. The EOE ends can be double seamed interchangeably with sanitary ends requiring no special chuck and roll changes. The Aluminum Tab is of the lightest gage used anywhere in the world and of a design requiring 34% less material than the customers previous tab.

The press on the right is a Minster ECH-125 QL specially designed and provided to EOE Inc. This machine produces 3 different end diameters at a rate of 1,000 ends per minute. The system features press mounted leak detection for 100% product inspection as well as many other EOE Inc. advanced features.